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Terra Mosana

Roman AR walk

The augmented reality walk is the showcase of your historical journey through Tongeren history. During this walk you will be taken through the history of the city and you will be immersed in Roman culture.


For this purpose, lifelike 3D models were created at various locations that are both visually and historically correct.


At various locations during the walk we show different typical Roman buildings including a traditional villa, a Roman temple, an aqueduct and a Roman bathhouse. You will be able to see these locations through your smartphone, in full size as they decorated the city of Tongeren in full glory 2000 years ago.


The name Via Belgica was coined by archaeologists in the late 20th Century, and does not follow the naming conventions that the Romans used for their roads. Via Belgica is correct Latin, but the Romans named their roads after those who built them (e.g. Via Appia, Via Egnatia, Strata Diocletiana) or else the destination (Via Casilina, Via Portuense). Via Belgica would therefore have been the name of a road to Belgica, not - as intended here - through Belgica.

Milestone Walk

Via the Milestone Route you step through the history of Tongeren. All you have to do is follow the stepping stones with the colored letter "M".

Along the way, milestones and facade signs give you interesting information about all the highlights of Tongeren's rich heritage. Scan the 3D barcode with your smartphone or buy an accompanying brochure with extra background information from Tourism Tongeren.

3 Loops

There are three routes through the historic city center and the outskirts: red, blue and green. The three routes fit together perfectly. This way you can limit your walk to one route, or combine two or three.

Kids Route

Are juniors coming along? Then the red route is ideal. A special children's trail with games makes the walk extra fun for them. Discover it all in the free children's brochure, which can be collected at Tourism Tongeren.

mijlpaalroute bezoekers.jpg
mijlpaalroute beukenberg.jpg
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