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Relive history

Via our experience app, visitors can discover the city of Tongeren and experience its history on the spot. We immerse you in the rich history of the first city during our Augmented Reality walks where you will be able to see Tongeren through the eyes of a resident from Roman and medieval times.

Everything in one handy App

With a simple click, visitors get access to the platform. The app is free for users. They can design their own city visit with the app as their ultimate city guide that they always carry in their pocket.


It is also very easy to find an interesting museum via the Helios platform. View the different options on the app, book a ticket and start your visit! You can also find all useful information and audio guide tours here.

Restaurants & Bars

Via the app you will also be able to see which food and beverage outlets are in the area based on your location. You can add an establishment to your existing walk or look it up directly. We also offer touchless reservation, ordering and payment features.

Easy to use

On any device

Learn about the different historical sites from the informative audio guide. Our lifelike models ensure that you can relive history

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